The Reality of Diversity and The Pepsi Reminder for #blkcreatives

We already know that diversity is a hot button topic in the creative field, especially when it comes to media, tech and design. This is an issue that is consistent and while it's easy to talk about it, we'd like to do the work of uncovering solutions. Of course, we can't fix the industry pains in one swoop but one thing we can focus on? Ourselves.

Since the Red Lobster fail around Beyonce's formation, we've been aware that positioning ourselves is more important than waiting on others to put us in place. The issue that we're finding, is that when we DO get the opportunities to speak up and out (outside of Twitter), we don't. Chasity Cooper reminds us that this shouldn't be the case. In her piece on Pepsi's latest ad fail, cousin Chas highlights the brand's missteps while prompting us to be accountable for self:

I can guess that there was probably one (maybe two) black ad or public relations executives present during the brainstorming stage of this project. Unfortunately because there continues to be a lack of our voices in positions of management at creative agencies and major corporations, here we are. This is so much bigger than diversity and inclusion, but it speaks to the necessity of adequate representation when it comes to marketing and advertising to communities of color. My fellow #blkcreatives - let this be a lesson to us all. If something doesn’t sit right with us in the planning meeting, it’s not going to sit right with our peers who have to watch/read/listen to the end result. If you see something, please don't be afraid to say something. 

And there you have it. While it may be easy to shrink when you're the only person of color in the room, show up as your FULL self.

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Read Chasity's full article here.