A Salute to Black Women's Equal Pay Day

Did you know that today, August 7, 2018, is Black Women's Equal Pay Day? Here's a few facts on what this is so important from Create & Cultivate. If black women were paid equally:

💰The average Black woman would earn almost $870,000 more in the course of her career. 🍞Each woman’s extra annual earnings would pay for more than 3️⃣years of groceries.

👩🏿Families would get the support they need. More than 8️⃣0️⃣% of black women are the main breadwinners for their households.

Inspired by today's #BlackWomensEqualPay Twitter Chat with Create & Cultivate, Tribe, and 21Ninety, here are women who inspire us to speak up for what we want.

Myleik Teele

"I’m clear on the “quality cap” when it comes to the things that I produce. I know that if I try to accommodate too many, I compromise the quality of what I’m doing.  Many disagree with this approach to business because it leaves money on the table but that’s not what I’m about.” READ HER #blkcreatives INTERVIEW HERE.

Tracy G


"With people – when it comes to networking – they’re always looking beyond their reach and then feel like they have so many miles ahead in front of them between their goal and where they are. But if you just look at the resources around you, you won’t miss anything. Sometimes people are asking for a dollar and there are four quarters on the floor." READ HER #blkcreatives INTERVIEW HERE.

Tonya Rapley-Flash

Tonya Rapley #blkcreatives chat

Tonya Rapley #blkcreatives chat

“Focus on solutions. Focus on gratitude and everything that you have working in your advantage. Understand that as a creative you are not limited to artistic expressions of creativity. Get creative with ways to generate more money. You can wallow in sorrow or get to creating solutions, both take energy and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to put your energy into.” READ HER #blkcreatives INTERVIEW HERE.

Dominique Broadway

“It will never matter how much money you actually make if you do not manage it well. This is why it is beyond vital for #blkcreatives to put effort into learning how to effectively manage their money so they are not always living paycheck to paycheck or gig to gig, and instead can create a lifestyle where money is the tool to help you live your ideal life instead of being your biggest stressor.” READ HER #blkcreatives INTERVIEW HERE

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