The August 2018 Netflix Strong Black Lead Watchlist

Thanks to the good folks over at Strong Black Lead, we've got the full line up of new and Black and on Netflix this August.

Avail. 8/1/18



Once in a Lifetime Sessions with TLC

One of the most successful female groups in music history, TLC performs in concert while taking a look back at their tumultuous history.

Avail. 8/3/18



Marching Orders-- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Basically Drumline IRL. Follow the Bethune-Cookman University Marching Wildcats as they fight to keep their spots on the field, memorize routines, balance their academic careers, and maintain their social lives.

Avail. 8/5/18



Paid in Full

A young man from Harlem, forced to cope with the 1980s drug scene, builds an illegal empire, only to have a crisis of conscience. This old school favorite features an all-star cast including Mekhi Phifer, Regina Hall and Wood Harris!

Avail. 8/10/18



All About the Washingtons-- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Black love and Black family is at an all time high in this hilarious scripted comedy about one couple’s attempts at balancing work, romance and family chaos. Starring Hip-hop icon Rev. Run stars opposite wife Justine.




We deal with a lot of struggles already, but Zion Clark truly doesn’t let anything get him down. Born without legs and stuck in foster care for years, teenager Zion Clark hopes to overcome his circumstances and become a competitive wrestler.

Avail. 8/24/18

The After Party-- NETFLIX FILM

When an aspiring rapper (KYLE) goes viral for the wrong reasons, he thinks his career is sunk. But a wild party gives him one more chance to make it right. This hilarious film is a great Friday night flick to watch with friends -- look out for the multiple cameos including Teyana Taylor, DMX, and more!


When a teenage couple runs away to be together, the extraordinary gift they possess unleashes powerful forces intent on dividing them forever.

Avail. 8/31/18


The Comedy Lineup: Part 2-- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

The second volume of this knee slapping collection of 15-min short stand-up specials, features up-and-coming black comics like Janelle James and Josh Johnson. It’s a beautiful thing that these two are getting a global stage of 125 million members!

A Growing List Of Black Mental Health Resources

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on, the author and Founder of #blkcreatives, has decided to continue this list here.

We know that opening up about mental health issues can save a life. While the stigma around the issue can often be swept under the rug in our communities, we are proud to know that there are institutions, organizations and individuals who are committed to helping us with this internal battle.

In honor of#MinorityMentalHealth Month, we’ve complied a list of Black owned and focused mental health resources.

[Interested in having your practice or offering added to the list? Email Melissa –, Sub: Mental Health Resource]


Dr. Eliza Belle – A Black licensed psychologist working in administration in a state psychiatric hospital as well as the owner of a private clinical practice in Birmingham, Alabama. Working to erase the negative stigma of mental illness (especially in the Black community) is her life’s passion, and she has committed to helping those in need to heal and grow.


Family Paths – (formerly Parental Stress Service) A non-profit organization of mental health professionals and dedicated volunteers that provides a number of mental health and supportive services to low income, multi-stressed individuals and families in Alameda County of the San Francisco Bay Area. Services include a 24-hour Parent Support Hotline, a Foster Parent Advice Line, CalWORKs Case Management, Positive Parenting Classes, and Family Yoga. They also provide counseling for children, adolescents, adults and families.

DMV (District Of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia)

AAKOMA (African American Knowledge Optimized for Mindfully Healthy Adolescents) – Addresses the depression and other mental health needs of African American and youth of color by developing and implementing rigorous, culturally relevant, patient centered, community-engaged research and clinical care. Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble is the Director of The AAKOMA Project and is also the Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

Harvesting Hope, LLC– A youth and family services program sowing seeds of hope in the community.  It works with a local high school to provide mentoring and peer leadership skills to the next generation of leaders and providing community based training opportunities to local youth and families in partnership with local community agencies.

SMR Counseling Services, Burtonsville, MD – SMR serves the needs of those who desire professional therapy outside traditional appointment hours and settings. Offices are located in Burtonsville, Maryland; Waldorf, Maryland; and Washington, D.C. The practice also serves as a training ground for those who desire to enter the field of counseling.

Synergy Wellness Therapeutic Services – Dr. Deidra A. Sorrell is a licensed professional counselor with 17 years of experience as a school psychologist in the DC public school system. She currently serve children, adults and families.

TherapyWorks by Angela Hill LLC – Angela has over 18 years experience in the field of counseling and therapy. Here passion is to support, assist, and empower individuals and families to live their best lives and have access to all community resources.


Coach Debbie Motivates – A focus on Existentialism, Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Infant Mental Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Epigenetics, and raising awareness to decrease stigma in our communities.

Florida Social Solutions – Founded in Orlando by Zeta Connor and her fiancé,  a Christian couple who not only believes in the power of God, and prayer, but also upholds a firm belief that with determination, the impossible CAN become possible. It provides clinical and case management services for individuals that struggle to gain self-sufficiency due to manifesting mental health disorders.


Heal With Crystal – Dr. Crystal Jones serves to hold space for transformative processes. In birth, she holds space as a holistic doula. In healing, she serves as an intuitive chiropractic healer. In transitions, she serves as an agent for intentional manifestation.


Changing Perspectives – A multidisciplinary behavioral health care practice centered on the evaluation of mental disorders, diagnostics, and preventative health care services from a multicultural perspective. Their mission is to help clients become a better version of themselves through empathy, understanding, and holistic mental health care.

Thriving with Baby – A new family support community ran by Nicole Woodcox Bolden M.S.W and her husband. Nicole is a social worker specializing in perinatal mental health (i.e Postpartum depression & Anxiety) and family coaching.


Small Talk Counseling & Consulting, LLC – The mission of Small Talk Counseling & Consulting Services is to provide quality therapeutic, educational, and social support services to individual adults, couples, families, and organizations through genuine, interpersonal and collaborative relationships and detailed personalized care.

New York

Counseling Space – A social work practice that aims to improve the quality of life for individuals  and communities who struggle with mental health conditions. Founded by Leslie M. Garcia, who has over 15 years of experience, it specializes in culturally aware and culturally competent-based services.

The Black Psychiatrists of Greater New York & Associates – A multi-cultural organization that seeks to expand access to psychiatric care for people of African descent and all people who are under-served.

North Carolina

SOLAY Counseling – Founded by Dr. Kamala Uzzell, is a private mental health practice with offices in two cities in North Carolina. One focus of the practice is providing accessible services for persons of color.  Dr. Uzzell is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and adjunct professor of counseling and psychology with 17 years of professional therapy experience.


Healing Hearts Counseling Center – An innovative client-centered counseling treatment for individuals who are in need of a safe place to heal. Its mental health professionals have extensive experience and have received hands on training  treating a diverse spectrum of issues including complex trauma, sex addiction & intimacy issues, love addiction, depression & other mood disorders, anxiety, grief and loss.


Finding The Foundation – Finding the Foundation was founded by Alisha Woodall, a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor with years of experience in client support. Her experience has exposed her to a broad selection of people, including adolescents and juveniles, adults, couples, as well as family systems and people suffering from addictions.

Online Resources

Dr. Joy-black-mental-health-resources

Dr. Joy-black-mental-health-resources

Therapy For Black Girl's Therapy Directory with Resources for Black Women. Created byDr. Joy Harden Bradford, Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Check out their podcast HERE.

Unapologetically Us – Unapologetically Us, launched in 2014is a lifestyle brand and online community designed for Black women. In this digital space, our platform is to responsibly inform, foster creativity and engage in thoughtful dialogue.

Educational Materials, Books and Podcasts

A Fight Worth Finishing – Written by mental health advocate and self help book author Jasmin Pierre, this book is based on her experiences with major depressive disorder and suicide, This two part series is written to encourage others to never give up, no matter the adversity and to always keep fighting till the finish.

Alice Berry is an artist and clinical counselor who specializes in the mental health challenges that artists and creatives face. She authored a study about African American artists and mental health, found here.

Black Disabled Woman Syllabus –  A living document that lists imperative information and resources about the Black disabled woman’s experience to educate, inform, and empower the public about the plight of this triple minority group including the areas of mental health and stigma.

Black Families In Therapy: Understanding the African American Experience

Highwater Podcast – The Artist’s Guide To Mental Health episode and Poet and Mental Health Advocate Bassey Ikpi #NoShameDay episode.

Relish Culinary Therapy – A blog founded by Kiara Whack that teaches people how to preserve your mental stability by implementing proper holistic nutrition. Recipes, food news, and other information about how to use food as medicine so we don’t have to frequent the doctor is present.

Rivers Are Coming – A classic compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma, and celebrating the survival of being lost and discovering ones ability to live wholeheartedly. Author Minaa B. uses the river as a metaphor to solicit change, and extends an invitation to welcome the power of uncertainty into the lives of people so that we can be introduced to love, hope and healing, and to progress in an upward trajectory.

Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales Of Epic Humiliation by Aisha Tyler

The Siwe Project – A global non-profit started by Bassey Ikpi dedicated to promoting mental health awareness throughout the global black community. The goal of the organization is to widen the public dialogue regarding the lived experiences of people of African Descent with mental illness. By providing opportunities for dialogue and the uplifting of new narratives and discourse, The Siwe Project aims to encourage more people to seek treatment without shame.

[Interested in having your practice or offering added to the list? Email Melissa –, Sub: Mental Health Resource]

The (Ever-Growing) List of Books That You Should Have

Looking to step your productivity, personal development or business acumen? It starts with a book. Here's a (growing) list of books by Black leaders that you should read. (Have books you want to add to this list? Send us a tweet.)

Autobiographies, Fiction + Memoirs

A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story (Sequel To The Coldest Winter Ever) by Sister Souljah. But it here.

Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells. Buy ithere.

Bliss by Danyel Smith. Buy it here and (BONUS!) read our interview with her here



Buck: A Memoir by MK Asante. Buy it here

To Be Young Gifted & Black by Lorraine Hansberry. Buy it here

Twenties Unscripted: A Journey of Womanhood, Writing and Relavitiy by Tyece Wilkins. Buy it here.

Activity Books To Ease Your Mind

I Love My Hair: A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Dos by Andrea Pippins. Buy it here.

Writing the Layers: A Self-Discovery Workbook by GG Renee. Buy it here.

Business Advice From Those Who Understand Your Fight

Building Atlanta: How I Broke Through Segregation to Launch a Biz Empire by Herman J. Russell. Buy it here.

Confidence Your Secret Weapon: A Guide to Building Confidence by Ashley Korin McLean. Buy it here.

Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness: A Young Entreprenuer’s Guide To Thinking & Being Great by Anthony Frasier. Buy it here and (BONUS!) read an excerpt from the book here. You're welcome!



Get Your Life! The Transforming Power of Turning Fate Into Fortune by Kareem Taylor. Buy it here and (BONUS!) check out our reviewhere.



How to Succeed in Business Without Being White: Straight Talk on Making It in America by Earl Graves (founder of Black Enterprise) Buy ithere

Make It Happen: The Hip-Hop Generation Guide to Success byKevin Liles. Buy it here.

Succeeding Against The Odds: The Inspiring Autobiography Of One Of America's Wealthiest Entrepreneurs by John H. Johnson (founder of EBONY and JET Magazine). Buy it here and (BONUS) read excerpts from the book by our Founder here. 

Think and Grow Rich: A BLACK Choice by Dennis Kimbro. Buy it here

Community Driven Work

This Ain’t Chicago: Race, Class, & Regional Identity in the Post-Soul South by Zandria Robinson. Buy it here.

When You're Ready To Get Real With Relationships (Either with someone else or yourself)

A Woman’s Quest To Self Love by Amber Janae. Buy it here.

Black Seeds: The Poetry and Reflections of Tariq Toure by Tariq Toure. Buy it here.

Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole. Buy it here

Dear Love: A love letter to you by Ashley M. Coleman. Buy it hereand (BONUS!) read her amazing advice to writers here.



Oxygen by AsiahMae. Buy it here.

Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom by Queen Latifah. Buy it here.

SO SWEET: A Sugar Baby Novella by Rebekah Weatherspoon. Buy it here.

Words from a Wanderer by Alex Elle. Buy it here and (BONUS!) read our interview with her here.



Have books you want to suggest or add to the list? Tweet us

10 Mentalities That Will Keep Creatives Broke

"Being broke" is not just a monetary position, it is a mindset. Everything that we create in our lives begins in the mind. Where we are and where we are headed is all shaped by the story we tell ourselves every day. Let's get unstuck by attacking the schools of thought that keep us stagnant.

10. You equate your value and your worth with money.

Now money is important but it's our perspective of it that can make or break us. Yes you may not have a lot of money at the moment but guess what? That doesn't mean you're not smart. That doesn't mean that things won't change. It doesn't mean that you're not a good person. It doesn't mean that you don't deserve to get what you want. It is a tool. And whether you have a small amount of tools or a large amount, you ALWAYS have something to work with. Even if it's just $5 there are things you can do to move yourself forward.  

9. You don't take yourself seriously.

You use words like 'aspiring' or 'trying' or 'thinking' instead of defining who you are, doing the work that fulfills that role and creating a plan that will help you execute. If you don't position yourself as someone to be taken seriously, why should anyone else? We set the intention of who we are before anyone else. 

[Tweet "We set the intention of who we are before anyone else. #blkcreatives"]

8. You consume someone else's information in place of taking the time to learn yourself.

The amazing thing about the Internet is that you can find information on ANYTHING you want to do. But the problem arises when we begin to step over what we know and replace that with an someone's insight. This can dampen our intuition. You have your own unique set of experiences that have taught you valuable pieces of insight about yourself and the world around you. Go back and think about your toughest times - what did they reveal to you? Acquiring knowledge is great but acquiring knowledge about who you are - your strengths and your weaknesses and how you operate can help you make the best decisions for YOU and your journey. 

7. You don't believe in yourself.

And because you don't believe that you can live the life you want to live, you release the power you have over your life. Talent and skillset will only get you so far. It's what you think about yourself that determines if you can sustain it. Those thoughts create accountability for the life you want to shape for yourself. Without any accountability, you lose out on owning your worth. And like Erica once told us on Twitter, "Success equals responsibility." 

[Tweet "success = responsibility - @Twelve45_ #blkcreatives"]

6. You spend so much time cheering on and investing in others, that you neglect to do the same for yourself.

As a result of that, you're drained, you're not making time to restore yourself and you're neglecting your needs. It's great to be supportive of others - in fact that's what we're about - but if you do at at the expense of losing yourself, you are already defeated. Your dreams need ALL of your energy, all of your mind, body and spirit to manifest. 

5. You think that where you are in your life right now is based on lack instead of timing.

"I don't have this amount of money because I didn't pick the right major in college." "I can't grow my business because I don't have any money." "I never have enough time to do what I really want to do." Sound familiar? If you're constantly thinking of what you do NOT have how are you going to make the best out of what you do have? For his recent feature on Complex Hustle, Julian Mitchell shared that "what you produce will always outweigh what's on your resume." That means you don't have to waste thinking about "what's missing" because all that matters is the work that you create. Work with your head down, knowing that everything happens when it's supposed to.

[Tweet "You have to trust the timing of your life. #blkcreatives"]

4. You don't ask for help nor do you express yourself. 

How are we supposed to know that you want to write a book if you're never writing anything? How are we supposed to know that you're looking for a new job if you never tell anyone? You'd be surprised at how simple, yet effective it is to speak about what you desire out loud. Talking about your work and sharing it on your personal platform makes you an expert at your ideas and opens up the doors for opportunities and collaborations. But that can only happen if you're vocal about them. Whether it's about love, opportunities, or money, this 'playing small' mindset doesn't serve you. If you don't do this, ask yourself right now, why am I afraid to say something? 

3. You seek validation externally. 

There's no amount of praise that will fulfill you, if you don't find that fulfillment within yourself. The challenge with letting other people, employers, lovers, and friends, validate you and what you stand for is that when they have to leave or the experience has to come to an end, what will you do? Success is often an internal effort. No one can achieve it for you, you have to define that level and reach it by your own actions. Your support system needs something to support. Don't confuse that principle by thinking that you need approval from any one or anything to be who you are called to be.

2. You underestimate the time it takes to become successful and quit on yourself too early. 

Change doesn't happen all of a sudden. It's your DAILY commitment to growth that makes a difference. You can't rush the process because every part of the process serves a purpose (whether we like it or not). So you think that one month, or several months or even several years means that you will automatically be successful but it takes time: Time to know yourself, time to test our ideas and projects, time to build connections and time spent actually working (not thinking, or planning) that will take you to the next level. That 10,000 hours theory is not a joke. In case you haven't read it yet, this book by Malcolm Gladwell breaks down it down for you. Entitlement won’t win the war but execution will.

1. You spend more time talking yourself out of something instead of doing the actual work.

When you begin to think all of the reasons why you shouldn't do something or why you can't do something, combat those thoughts with what you're capable of. What's in you is greater than anything you can face, just take the first step. 

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