Introducing Creatives Converge: A Special Podcast Series with Creative Genius Law



Creative Genius Law is a full service law firm for creative industries and we're addicted to their mission as shared in this Rolling Out interview with its principal attorney and founder, Patrice Perkins:

"I think that independent arts professionals work incredibly hard on their craft, but there’s a knowledge gap that could impact the value and reach of their art, long term. That gap is knowledge of intellectual property laws as it applies to their business and that’s where we step in. I want to see artists thrive not just today but really position themselves to sustain long-term doing work they love. If they are multi-disciplinary, I want it to be by choice and not because it’s what’s needed to make ends meet."

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Creatives Converge, a special podcast series, is our digital collab with CGL (Creative Genius Law), hosted by Patrice. Patrice chats with four creatives who have been on the move in 2018. Listen up as they discuss building their businesses, legal tidbits + a take a look at pop culture through a legal lens. Click on the pic below (or CLICK HERE) to listen to the first episode and stay tuned for more episodes to come.